Student Surgical Opportunities III

This course is designed to be a continuation of Student Surgical Opportunities II and is an advanced elective offered to students who wish to achieve spay certification (if not previously spay certified) and pursue additional surgical opportunities. Four hours of didactic instruction will be offered online covering sterilization surgeries of adult and pediatric dogs as well as specialty surgeries such as enucleation, amputation, wound repair and mass removal. At least six hours of the 20 clinical hours will be spent at a partner shelter that provides opportunities to perform surgery on dogs. It is anticipated that students will perform 15-30 sterilization surgeries in this elective. Every effort will be made to allow students to meaningfully participate in non-sterilization surgeries such as mass removal, enucleation, amputation and wound repair after they are spay certified, although achievement of this goal may require an on-call option depending on caseload and individual student interest. This course can be taken any time, including the summer, after passing Shelter Surgical Opportunities II and grading is pass/fail.

Credits: 1
Course Organizer: Dr. Brittany Watson
Schedule: 4 lecture hours – 20 lab hours
Prerequisites: Shelter Surgical Opportunities II